September 21, 2020

Benefits of a short-term respite care break

Short-term respite care is a temporary stay in a care home. It provides an opportunity for family members or carers to have a break from taking care of a loved one and can be planned around holidays, for example, or sometimes arranged in an emergency when the usual care isn’t available, perhaps due to illness. A short-term respite care break can be beneficial for both carer and the person being cared for.

Support and help for carers

Caring for a loved one can be rewarding but it can also be tiring mentally and physically for the carer. If you’re a carer and looking after a family member, it can be emotionally difficult as well. Having a break from your caring duties can allow some time to recharge your energy levels, helping you to recommence your role with renewed vigour. And if you know your loved one will be well looked after in a care home environment, you will rest easier.

A break for your loved one

Respite care also gives an opportunity for your loved one to have a change of scene and routine, still receiving excellent levels of care, nutrition and stimulus, but delivered in a different setting. As they say, a change is as good as a rest, and in the case of a short-term respite break, both are available.

New opportunities to socialise 

Our loved ones can get quite lonely living in their own homes with limited time out and about. We all benefit from meeting new people. Your loved one will get the chance to spend some time and interact with different groups and perhaps form new friendships with those with whom they have things in common. Care homes offer a wide range of activities as well, introducing new elements to your loved one’s day.

Investigation or preparation for full-time care

A short respite break is a perfect way to sample full-time residential care as well as trying out life in a particular care home. If transitioning to a care home is on the horizon, a short respite stay will help acclimatise your loved one to the routines of a care home and give an insight into what their new lifestyle could look like.  

The teams at Warwick Park and Little Court care homes in Tunbridge Wells specialise in respite and rehabilitation for those who need extra support at a difficult time. Your loved one can rest and recuperate before returning to their own home, and you can do the same, ready to welcome them back, reenergised and refreshed.

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