August 16, 2021

Care Homes and the Pandemic

The care and wellbeing of your loved ones has always been our number one priority at MG Homes. Care homes across the country were in the spotlight during the Covid crisis and at our care homes in Tunbridge Wells, Little Court and Warwick Park, we did everything we could to safeguard your loved ones. And we continue to manage the Covid situation to ensure your family members stay safe and well.

Covid testing

Many of our residents are considered vulnerable so we undertake rigorous infection control measures, as outlined by the government. We test our residents regularly for Covid, we ask all visitors to test before coming into the home (only those with negative tests that have been reported to are admitted) and all staff also take regular lateral flow and PCR tests.

Any staff that test positive isolate away from the care homes immediately. Should any of our residents test positive, they are isolated in their room with dedicated carers allocated to them. As we are doing all that we can to limit the admittance of Covid into our homes, we hope these occurrences are very rare. 

Managing Covid protocols

Little Court and Warwick Park have plenty of PPE and there is now a steady supply into both our care homes. All our staff are very diligent in the use of PPE in order to minimise the spread of any kind of illness. We continue to keep staff on-site at just one of our care homes, rather than working across both, also to minimise the risk of transmitting illness across both homes.  

Looking after your loved ones’ wellbeing

You and your loved ones have faced very difficult times recently, especially when you have been unable to make in-person visits. Our dedicated staff have been determined to make every day as ‘normal’ as possible, keeping spirits high with entertainment and activities. When we haven’t been able to offer in-person visits, we have offered ‘virtual’ visits online and you and your loved ones have adapted so well to this. We are determined to keep our care homes open to visitors and functioning as normal.

Covid vaccinations in care homes

All our residents are vaccinated against coronavirus, and we are following guidelines and the schedule for booster vaccines. You will have seen in the news that all care home staff must be vaccinated from 11th November, and we are currently in discussion with our teams. We will always have a full complement of caring staff to look after your loved ones.

Do you have any questions about Covid and our care homes?

We take the time to get to know the families of our residents and we hope that you feel comfortable asking us anything at all related to the care of your loved one. You can contact Pat Napier, our Registered Manager at, call us, or ask us when you next visit.  

Thank you for your support during these difficult times. 

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